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The purpose of my e-portfolio is to be able to provide an online platform to showcase who I am and what I have achieved. During the construction of this e-portfolio, I used it as an opportunity to deeply how I would like this e-portfolio to broaden my employment opportunities.

I've chosen to display everything that I've accomplished through my post-secondary education and my own personal development. This e-portfolio is something I choose to keep updated as I expand my skillset and knowledge; therefore, this e-portfolio will be the most accurate reflection of who I am as an individual and employable person.

This entire site has been designed, coded, and constructed by me - so I welcome you to explore this site.

About Me

Specializing in creativing innovative digital content, I'm the product from years of experience and education to become an ultimate solution for those seeking a successful online presence.

You cannot change what you are, only what you do

- Philip Pullman
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I'm a Canadian-born South Korean. I grew up and lived in Vancouver, British Columbia for the vast majority of my life.

I moved to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Isalnd, British Columbia in 2013 to attend Vancouver Island University.

The change occurred due to life decisions to pursue better living opportunities by refining my career decisions towards something that I would be passionate about, that would allow for me to be the best version of myself.

Possessing a Digital Media Studies degree allows me to evaluate the world around me and make sense of the different patterns and connections made, and to share a message through the use of various mediums. The opportunity to engage with contemporary media in a wide range of contexts allows me as an individual to be able to use a creative, multi-disciplinary approach to learning, contributing to the career flexibility required in the current labour market.

A combination of my unique life experiences and geographical background allows me to assess the various constituents that make up the world we know it as, and what continues to make it revolve - both on the online and offline realms.


Wellbeing model
Student model of well-being, from University of Michigan-Flint; Model of student well-being; n.d.; Web; 16 March 2019.

Values are important to me because they give foundation and direction in my life. I believe that the following - physical, emotional & mental, environmental, financial, occupational, social, intellectual, and spiritual - can construct a holistic ecosystem of values. I believe that if one exceeds another, then the balance between all these properties become unbalanced, disturbing the perfect synchronization of this holistic ecosystem. It is better to treat these parts as a whole by assessing the multitude of factors that comes with any barriers that exceeds beyond what is present, to find a wholesome solution to any disturbances in this balance.

I have come to practice to continual assessment of these values within my surroundings in my daily life. In turn, this habit of self-assessment allows me to transcend to the level of self-actualization, where the desire for self-fulfillment allows me to become actualized in what I can potentially be.

Explore how my values contribute to making me as a unique individual:


Beliefs sunset sky
You are not controlled by your genes, from Wise Mindbody Healing; “You are not controlled by your genes. You are controlled by your beliefs.” – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D by Ethan Wise; n.d.; Web; 16 March 2019.

I believe that beliefs are conditional - they can change over time as one experiences new sights and experiences. However, my current beliefs affect the attitudes I possess, and hoiw they translate and into behaviors. The beliefs I hold imporantly in my life explains who I am as a person.

Some of my current beliefs include:

  • Respect your elders, or those who have experienced more than you.

    This doesn't necessarily mean age wise - rather, seniority is placed on the value of another's experience, and how relevant that experience might be to me (in terms of importance). I've always been taught to respect my elders, and this belief became even more dominant as my growing appreciation for elders grew the more I experienced the same trials of endurance they experienced. I constantly feel humbled and blessed thinking that elders may have not had the same resources and opportunities that I have, thus they continue to gain my respect.

  • Don't let the things that didn't go according to planned ruin your day.

    There is no such thing as ruininig a day; these are temporary fleeting moments that will only be temporary according to if one lets it dictate the outcome of their day. There was a point in my life where I was constantly being bombarded with endless hardship and struggled to stay happy; I felt that anything that added to my miserable state turned into an excuse to express my misery. But I knew I was better; I was capable of being able to take control of myself and the situation in front of me, so I decided to try not to think to deeply about misfortunes that come my way. I started thinking of my long term happiness rather than how I felt at that moment. This soon improved my mentality and how I viewed the world around me, and I became an enlightened and positive human being. To this day, I strive to not let things determine how I should feel; if it doesn't bother me in the long run, then it's not worth lingering on it.

  • Everyone always deserves a second chance.

    As I have experienced times where I felt that I deserved a second chance, and knew I would appreciate the opportunity to prove myself and others wrong, I feel that others deserve the same. I made mistakes constantly; I would always act before I gave any consideration or thought to my actions. It didn't affect me when I was younger, but as I grew older and gained more independence, I quickly began to realize that my mistakes were affecting me negatively, and I always felt so helpless because these mistakes weren't made on purpose. They were mainly due to my short-sightedness of thinking before acting. I began to understand why people made mistakes; it might be due to their lack of insight and understanding, and therefore, I knew that if anyone were to own up to their mistakes, I would feel sympathetic towards them and understand their situation. Therefore, I choose to remain considerate of others and of their circumstances.

  • If you're going to do something anyways, why not do it with a smile.

    Going into something that can't be avoided with a positive attitude has made a significant difference in my life, and it is something I continue to practice today. Sometimes things are out of my control; they happen for no apparent reasons, and can cause inconveniences in my life. But if it's unavoidable and must be dealt with, why not do it with a positive mindset. For example, sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I'll feel instantly sad and tired, which starts me off in a bad mood. Instead, if I take a moment to clear my head, and shake off the negative thoughts, I can begin to tell myself that I'm doing a great job, and I'm going to wake up and begin my day like a champion. And this method has proved to brighten the occassionally dreary mornings.

My values and beliefs are the components of my life that I place importance on, and strive to ensure that they are being continually developed. If your values or beliefs aren't continually evolving, then it means that you aren't attempting to challenge yourself to become a better version of yourself. And I know, for a fact, that I will never unveil the best version of myself without encountering and overcoming trials to improve myself.

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Learning Philosophy

"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Image of person learning on computer unsplash-logoHelloquence

Being a learner means the ongoing, pursuit of self-improvement, whether it be in the form of skills or knowledge. Learning is a life-long process.

I'm investing time and effort into my studies because it certifies that I've completed a milestone in my life.

I like to spend my time learning more components of web development. I have yet to reach my goals, but as an ongoing process of learning and development, I continually strive to improve myself by expanding my knowledge and skillset.

What helps me learn?

Learning has always been a challenge for me. I've struggled with learning for pleasure or learning for a specific purpose. I gave up easier than I attempted to start anything. As I grew with experience over the years, I have grown to acquire new ways of understanding the process of learning. If I am able to understand the value of learning something, then it becomes important to me, and in turn, I try to translate that into my interest and passion.

When learning is challenging, I like to assess the situation, understand why overcoming a task might be challenging, and attempt to ask the myself the right questions. If those questions don't make sense for me, I seek help from others, whether it be in person or online.

Receiving a letter from VIU stating that I've been placed in the Dean's Honour list gives me reassurance knowing that I am doing a good job. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself, and have difficulties telling myself that it is okay to fail sometimes. Receiving letters like this reminds me that my constant grind will always pay off in the end.

Learning challenges me to observe and identify my strengths and weaknesses. Learning continually keeps my mind thinking, to acquire new skills or knowledge, and to improve existing skills or knowledge.

The best learning experience I had was trying to build my first website. Using Dreamweaver at the time, I had no fundamental web building skills or knowledge, and thought it would be a lot easier than expected. The experience was a new challenge that I had never encountered, but through this experience, I was able to develop my interest and passion for web development. Although at times I feel overwhelmed with the amount of work that comes with it, I am glad that I started this journey as it has revealed a new side of me that I had never previously discovered.

Where would I like my learning philosophy to take me, in both my personal life and career?

As I believe in continual learning and development, I would like to continually develop myself in aspects of my personal life and my professional career.

I've established my learning philosophy to be open for expansion and development. As I believe that no one can ever become a perfect, ideal version of themselves, knowing this, I choose to live with this learning philosophy as this allows me to strive to become the best version of myself that I can be. It may not be that perfect, ideal version, but it is the best I can be at that moment in my life.

Therefore, it is important not to overwhelm myself with more than I am capable of; sometimes, I am only limited by the fact that I haven't observed and learned enough, and perhaps that is the best version of myself I can work with at the present moment. So be the best version of yourself and enjoy who you are at the present moment.

picture of volunteer certificate
Image of a recent volunteer certificate I've receieved: I believe that personal development can be fostered by placing yourself in new environments and exposing new sides of yourself. Sometimes taking the initiative to broaden your experience and skillset will help you in the future in unexpected ways. For me, volunteering has allowed me to appreciate the things I possess and provides me the ability to utilize my knowledge and skillset to help others and network with like-minded professionals.

In the process of learning, what did you discover about yourself as a learner?

I've discovered through experience that I struggle to learn things unless I've identified a purpose behind my learning actions. At various points in my life, I felt lost or afraid of commitment due to the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, and what kind of outcomes I was seeking. I've been forced to continue my studies without a sense of purpose. Due to this, I spent many years attempting to do things without being fully mentally present and committed. It took some difficult moments of self-discovery to determine the reason behind why I would want to continue my studies. Now, I've established what learning means to me, and how that has influenced me as a person. It has allowed me to determine the value to continual learning and self-development, and I choose to apply this to towards my professional career. There are times when I forget the purpose to why I'm attempting to accomplish a goal, so I sometimes allow myself to take a mental break, relax myself, and try to recapture the reason behind why I started a goal in the first place. In the end, I cannot learn without gathering a sense of purpose. It's what drives me to stay focused and motivated, rather than forcing myself to continue something that may end up in turn decreasing my focus and motivation.

How do you handle learning that is hard?

Learning can be a challenging process - especially if its in an area that is unfamiliar and out of your comfort zone. For me, the very idea of learning was something that forced me out of my comfort zone. But through practice and repetition, I've come to master how to handle difficult situations. Difficult situations can vary from personal to career-related; but being able to generate a course of action can sometimes help you overcome difficult situations. Brainstorming in detail the various solutions to a problem, along with assessing the pros and cons, can be beneficial to providing an ultimate solution for a difficult problem. Sometimes overcoming those problems will require me to reach out to others for assistance; but I've come to learn that you can be surprised by the surplus of valuable knowledge and insight you can gain from your colleagues and superiors, as you too might have something to share with them.

How do you handle failure?

I believe that all process of learning has some degree of failure involved, whether it is small or grand in scale. I believe that the absence of failure means that you aren't being challenged to learn, and sometimes you need to make mistakes in order to learn something far more valuable than applied knowledge. I've failed at various things in my life which allowed me to mould myself into the person I am today - and I believe that I will continue to fail. But it's a person's mentality and their ability to quickly overcome those mistakes in an effective manner that will allow them to continue to formulate the basis for continual learning and development. Not being able to accept and overcome failures in a timely manner can also prevent people form progressing, so it is important to have a solution that works for you, and will allow you to become the best version of yourself that you can be.

How do you balanance learning in different aspects of your life?

picture of me travelling in Vegas
Travelling and exploring the world broadens and opens one's mind up to different environments and possibilities that you've never encountered before. For me, I like to travel so that it places me in new environments where I have to utilize my existing knowledge and skillset to try and navigate and make my way around in a new environment. Over time, these get developed the more you go out and experience the world around you.

There's many opportunities of learning - it mainly depends on an individual's willingness to be able to expand their horizons. I choose to expand my learning by taking up new skills or hobbies. The past few years I've made it a goal to expand my health and nutritional knowledge, and it continues to motivate me as I am always surprising myself at what little I know. Learning in this manner excites me as I develop my own methods of learning, and best of all, it is not forced upon me; I do it solely for my own interest and benefit. Therefore, in the future I am motivated to take on other apects of learning, to be able to learn new things about myself and the world around me.

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My Qualifications & Experience.

Needing a better online presence? I'm here to help you find the proper solution for your online needs.

Explore how my qualifications and experience can be a valuable asset to you and your business.

View my resume:


Branding the construction of many careful components in an attempt to leave a valuable impression on your clientele. As valuable it is to market yourself and your products and/or business, it is also important to brand yourself uniquely. Branding involves careful process of analyzing how your place in the world makes a unique contribution. Branding requires the analysis of what makes you, You - both as an individual and a professional. An analysis of your environment and what you could contribute differently is another component of branding. Determining who your target clientele is essential for narrowing down your branding down to cater to a specific niche. I can help take your specific skills and/or products and use them effectively on the web to build your network and develop yourself as a brand. If executed effectively, branding can not only guarantee profit and results, but it can also help develop your legacy.

Web Design

Let's face it: there are many free resources and website builders out there that will allow you to build your own website. But there's limitations with what you can do with those website builders, and they don't guarantee that traffic can be generated. By the time you've evaluated the amount of time you've invested along with the multiple add-on features you've purchased, you might as well had saved yourself the headache and hired a professional web designer. That's where I come in. I specialize in building websites specific to you and your business, design custom and user-friendly sites, and analyze how to draw more traffic to your website. I'll work step-by-step to make sure you have all the tools you need to reach your goals for success.

Video & Audio Production

Whether it be a simple YouTube video or a marketing campaign; having a solid video will offer many benefits to support your content and business. There's many cost factors consider when starting video or audio production, such as equipment, labor, and time. As video and audio production also requires an eye for things, having the alternate option to hiring someone, such as myself, would allow to turn your vision into real-life success. Let my expertise in video and audio production help you show you how effectively produce video and audio with quality content can help you and your business!


While there's plenty of resources out there for you to "market" yourself such as ads and flyers, when it comes to the online world, it can become pretty daunting regarding where to start. As the online provides many opportunities to reach a vast amount of clientele, that also means that it's that much more difficult to reach that amount of individuals. That's where I come in to make your life easier; I handle everything from design, advertising, frequency of posts, and maintenace of current clietele. It's important to note that on the Island, there's a lot of value to marketing, especially one that can help you leave a great impression that can convert an individual into a client for life.


Featured Projects.

My work reflects the hours I've invested into building quality and dedication into my work. Browse some of my work to gain a sense of who I am and what I can do to help you and your business shine.

VIU Health and Wellness Site

Designed and developed during the second and third year of my Digital Media Studies degree, the goal of the VIU Health and Wellness Site was to become a safe resource and welcoming community online for VIU students.

Video Production & Animation

Designed during the third year of my Digital Media Studies degree, the goal of this project was to represent an interpretation of systems of cultures through audio and visual aids.

Video & Audio Production

Designed during the second year of my Digital Media Studies degree, this documentary project was executed through many layers of research, interviewing, video & audio recording, editing, and production. Based on a true story situated in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

DH Electric

Majority of forms of online presences portray an identity of some extent - whether that be a personal profile to a business. The Digital Media Studies program provides students the opportunity to explore the meaning of establishing an identity and the significant factors that influence it. Branding is a component of this; branding requires more than just a simple logo - it acts as the face of an individual and the portrays the image they want to inhabit online.

VIU Graduate Attributes

Vancouver Island University has implemented a collection of traits, characteristics and relevant skills that reflect personal and academic growth that can potentially help students prepare for future employment upon graduation.

Graduate Attributes VIU Poster
Vancouver Island University Graduate Attributes Poster, from Vancouver Island University; The Graduate Attributes are a collection of traits, characteristics and relevant skills; VIU; n.d.; Web; 17 March 2019.

The VIU graduate attributes are designed and established pillars constructed of traits, characteristics, and relevant skills that help foster employable skills and creates the ability for students to become professionals. The three main pillars are literacies, intellectual and practical skills, and civic engagement

I've reflected upon the graduate attributes I've achieved through the work I've completed through my post-secondary educational experience, and through the process of constructing this e-portfolio.

Learn more about my Graduate Attributes:


Goals help us to believe in ourselves. Goals help fuel our ambitions, extending beyond the simple task of outlining life plans and holding one accountable for them; rather, goals are necessary to propel the inspiration needed to aim for the things we never envisioned as possible.

Gain a sense of who I am as a person, and what kind of goals I've set in order to become a professional in my field. As I place no limits or restrictions upon myself, I strive to expand my current skillset, and have set specific goals that will drive me towards my success.

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible
- Tony Robbins

SMART Goals, from Trinh, Anne; The SMART criteria is a good rule to follow when deciding what goals you want to achieve; Full Function Rehab & Wellness; 23 January 2018; Web; 17 March 2019.

Learn more about some of the short & long-term goals I've set for myself:

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